Saturday, April 16, 2011

ADHD Secrets That Can Change Your Life Today

Every parent struggling with a child who is disruptive, distracted and disfocused, would like to obtain some ADHD secrets as to how they can improve their child's behavior.
Children who have been diagnosed with ADHD are likely to be more sensitive to negative attention. In fact, many of these children over-react severely to punishment or criticism. However, they crave positive feedback and this can be used as a secret weapon in any ADHD parent's arsenal of tools.
Parents can use selective attention to get the child to behave appropriately. Some experts suggest that inappropriate behavior be ignored all the time, no matter how hard and frustrating it may be for the parents.
However, the behavior can usually be stopped by distracting the child. When he or she settles down, they could be complimented on how well they are doing the task on which they are now focusing.
At first, this may take a bit of getting used to as it is the opposite of what we are used to doing. Most parents instinctively jump on bad behaviors immediately, trying to correct them in the hope that it will go away. However, this has the opposite effect with ADHD kids, as any attention is better than no attention for them.
On the flipside, positive behavior should be reinforced. This will teach the child that positive behavior brings about positive attention. Selective attention is one of many well-kept ADHD secrets that can bring about immediate change in a stressed out household.
Bonus tip: Catch your child doing something good at least 5 times every day and praise them about it. Be sincere about good behavior and do not praise for basic good behaviors. Brushing teeth and picking up toys are basics that they should do as part of their responsibilities. Praise them for 'extras' such as playing with their little brother without being asked, clearing the table after dinner and doing a good deed for someone else.

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