Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Amazing Benefits of Minerals for ADHD

It is no surprise that many people do not understand the value that minerals for ADHD has. All to often people are so caught up in the business of surviving that they miss some of the most important things that are happening around them. Hopefully parents who have children with ADD/ADHD will notice that there is something amiss with their child. Even if this is the case often they might not know what to do about it or worse not be dealing with it for the right reasons.

Once parents have identified the condition there is much that can be done on a holistic level to improve the quality of life for their child. While most parents understand the importance of vitamins, many are not aware of the power of minerals in a child's life. Today, there are insufficient amounts of minerals in food as the soil has been deprived of this much-needed nutrient.

Adding certain minerals to the child's diet can go a long way towards improving the situation. Some of these are iron, zinc, magnesium and calcium. Parents should find a good ionic version of these and add them to their child's diet right away.

Research has shown that children with this condition are iron deficient so this should be added to the diet. Zinc is instrumental in promoting good brain health. Many children with this condition are deficient in this much-needed nutrient as well. Magnesium helps to absorb calcium and also works on the nervous system while calming the child down. It is also good for good bone health. Calcium not only promotes good bone health, it also assists in the neurons in the body communicating with each other.

While many people like to give a combined vitamin and mineral tablet, it is suggested to take a concentrated form of mineral supplement. The tablet version of minerals is not as effective as much of it is lost in the absorption process. Liquid minerals that are ionic are much better. Once the parents have found the best option they can then focus on the right vitamins, which are equally important.

The vitamins that are best for this situation are vitamin B, vitamin C and the omega 3's. Vitamin B supports good brain activity and functioning. It is best to take a vitamin B complex. Vitamin C will help in reducing hyperactivity. Omega 3 is good for overall brain function. Many children are to be deficient in fatty acids. While many different foods contain the minerals and vitamins that everyone does need the quantities are insufficient for a variety of reasons and in the case of minerals for ADHD it is suggested that supplementation is rather taken so that the child is guaranteed of the optimum amounts of minerals and vitamins.

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