Saturday, April 16, 2011

Are Special Needs Met at School?

Learners often present behavioral problems and this is when children’s emotional needs are especially important. Learners are unable to focus properly at school if they have other matters on their minds. Depression and anxiety can be emotionally crippling for children. Many things can cause this to happen such as parents who fight a lot or if the parents have financial problems. Some students may have lost a parent. The parents may be divorced and this too can be problematic. Bullying is another big cause for concern and it often goes unreported. Sadly, in many cases it results in suicides.

Most schools used to have programs in place whereby counseling were available for these children. However, economics is causing this support to be reduced drastically. Children can have other conditions such ADHD and these learners need special attention as well. In times where public school teachers are overworked and underpaid, with high student to teacher ratios, many conditions go unnoticed.

Parents should ensure that the school is equipped to deal with these matters, otherwise the student could grow up with less than the accepted levels of adequacy to deal with living in today's world. If the school is unable to cater for this, the parents should seek help independently for the child.

While there are a large percentage of children who need special attention, it begs the question whether schools are adequately equipped to deal with these matters. According to research at least twenty percent of learners at public schools are candidates for special attention. Most of these students have eating disorders, depression, autism or ADHD. A further fifty percent of students have less severe issues to deal with, but they are issues nevertheless.

While there is no doubt that schools do their very best to assist these students, one wonders if it enough.

Many parents choose to home school their children so that they can give their children the best possible start in life. Twenty to thirty years ago, school was very different to what it is like today. The worst kind of offense that was committed those days was truancy. Today there are so many horror stories about what goes on at schools and this must play on students’ minds to some extent. In light of this, many parents feel much more comfortable home schooling their children.

Students who have specific emotional needs are easier to deal with on a one on one basis. Parents are also much more motivated to give that much needed attention to their young ones. Parents will be able to quickly identify if there are any problem areas in the student’s life. Once this has been detected, the parents can seek professional help for the children.

Parents who are new to home schooling should try to connect with other home schooling parents. This is especially the case where children’s emotional needs are in question. Home schooling parents should be willing to network with each other. With the Internet at their disposal there are so many home schooling associations parents get in touch with where they can obtain support for themselves and their children.

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