Sunday, April 17, 2011

Biomedical treatment - the difference

So my baby girl, Debbie (9) has been on biomedical treatments for about a month now and the results are amazing. Apart from improved behavior in general, she is able to remain focused for longer periods of time. She is also able to keep herself occupied, which she has never done - ever.

From birth she has been attached to me, almost literally. It's not like she could sit by me and play with her Barbies while I work, no no - she won't play unless I do too. So when I was unable to play with her because I had to work, she'll stand here hanging onto me until I could take it no longer. I mean I love my baby dearly, but we all need some space sometimes, you know!

When she went to creche, which she seemed to like, she'd come home crying and leave home crying. She would not go to sleep at night. Those were tiring times and still long before she was diagnosed. At this point the only diagnosis was that I was a bad mommy who spoiled her, letting her sleep on my chest for the first year of her life.

It became worse. Behavioral problems started to creep in - selfishness, lying and deceitfulness by the time she was 7. We still believe that a lot of this had to do with friends of hers at the time who coerced her into doing things that were out of character. Self-harm also started becoming a constant concern for us.

In the next two years it would spiral out of control completely. Sensory integration issues arose as did a total disinterest in anything related to the home,  family and school. Her school books look like a dog's breakfast, doors would slam when we type (bit difficult not to as we type for a living) and the sound of us eating could send her into a hysterical rage.

Most of these issues are resolved now after only a month on biomedical treatment and those that are not, have been improved tremendously. We look forward to the result of the biomedical treatment after 6 or so months.

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