Saturday, April 16, 2011

Does Homeschooling Mean Kids Have Free Reign?

Home schooling can be quite a daunting task for parents who start to educate their children at home. There are so many facets to this task and sometimes parents may not know where to begin. Parents should begin by trying to get all the information possible about home schooling. This can be done by getting hold of books or joining a home schooling group that can be used to gain information from. One of the very important considerations to make is what learning styles are going to be adopted in teaching the children.

There are three styles that can be used and these are visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Visual children learn best when they can see what is going on. Often these children will have what is loosely termed as a photographic memory. These children are able to memorize facts very well.

Auditory learner learns best by hearing information. They love to repeat what they hear and love reading out aloud as this helps them to learn best. Children like this like to talk a lot, as this is also a form of learning for them.

Kinesthetic learners learn by actually doing the work. Many of these children are quite active and may even experience difficulty in sitting still for long periods. It is possible that in time these children may evolve into the other two categories. It is generally felt that of all the learning styles most children fall into the kinesthetic category. Children love to do things more than they like to listen or look at things.

Parents should observe their children to ascertain which styles are best. This will be helpful in terms of organizing child directed learning. Parents will soon enough be able to see what method works best for the child. Eventually it will be quite evident as to which method the child responds to mostly.

One form of child directed learning is called unschooling. In this scenario children are allowed to find their own way in terms of discovering education. The child will also determine how he learns certain subjects. Often this is done in a way that is fun for the child. Thinking that unschooling is so relaxed that nothing is achieved should not confuse people. Unschooling is child directed while home schooling is parent directed.

While skeptics often frown upon unschooling, if it is done correctly it works very well. Parents can ask the child to set goals and then make sure that the goals are achieved. Provided reading, writing and arithmetic are taken care of then latitude can be given to the child. Christians who choose to go the route of child directed learning, will probably have to put the Bible on hold in terms of how they teach and discipline their children. In unschooling the child has a lot of free reign when it comes to education.

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