Monday, April 25, 2011

How Minerals Can Combat the Symptoms of ADHD

Today, conditions such as ADHD are being diagnosed at a more frequent rate than ever before. One of the reasons is that in years gone by people were less aware of the condition than they are today. Some parents are a little vague as to how they manage their children who have ADHD. Many of the parents will turn to the nearest drug available simply to calm the children down.

Other parents are starting to realize that this is not the route to take and are now starting to seek healthier alternatives for their children. A good start in this regard would be to address the magnesium intake of the children. In years gone by, people were able to get sufficient amounts of magnesium, however today this has changed.

Children are prone to much more stress today than was the case 50-60 years ago. Peer pressure, pressure to perform well academically and on the sports field is more evident now than ever before.

Children who have ADHD are less able to deal with and manage these stresses than other children are.

Media, music and negative images play a role in causing additional stresses for all children, although ADHD children are affected more by the stresses.

These kinds of stresses causes the body to be drained of magnesium due to the adrenaline release in the body. Magnesium is necessary for the release of adrenaline from the body. As magnesium is helpful in calming people down, children who face these stresses will need to take sufficient amounts of magnesium.

Bad nutrition is also very responsible for robbing people of magnesium and this is especially the case with ADHD children.Processed foods strip the body of magnesium for a couple of reasons. Processed foods contain very little magnesium and are therefore useless in terms of providing magnesium. The other reason is that the food additives and refined sugars that are contained in processed foods cause people to be stressed and this as we know, stress causes the body to be depleted of magnesium.

Parents who have ADHD children should do their best to take processed foods out of their children's diets.

Junk foods are an absolute no go zone for children with ADHD. These children are hyperactive enough without adding to it by giving them foods that will only exacerbate the condition. Parents who make these changes in their children's diets will notice a marked improvement in the behaviour of their ADHD children.

Once the junk food has been replaced with nutritious alternatives the children will be well on their way towards living a much more balanced life with regards to the ADHD.

Magnesium is beneficial in that it helps to calm the mind down. The brain utilizes magnesium to send messages through the nervous system to the various parts of the body. Magnesium is great for the purposes of calming the mind down as well. ADHD children will therefore benefit from this as they are already way too active. ADHD children who are calmer are better able to focus and function on important matters such as school. Serotonin is produced in the body courtesy of magnesium and serotonin is helpful in creating a sense of well being. People who have low levels of serotonin are often found to be depressed, moody or irritable.

When people get sufficient amounts of magnesium in  their bodies, their bodies will relax as well. Magnesium works on the muscle fibers within the body. It is common for people who are magnesium deficient to experience twitches and spasms.

ADHD children can ill afford this added disturbance and this highlights the need for adequate magnesium intake.

Magnesium offers so many other benefits that one could write a book on the benefits of this great mineral.

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