Saturday, April 16, 2011

How to Cope With ADHD Symptoms in Your Child

Parents are able to cope with ADHD symptoms that their child may be experiencing. For this to happen, parents need to have a good understanding of how this condition affects children. Once this has been achieved then it is much easier to help the child achieve success at school or while being home schooled.

Many things distract these children and this includes noises, their own thoughts and passersby. It takes a significant amount of mental effort for these children to stay focused for any length of time. Although it seems as if the child is listening to the parents or the teacher this might not necessarily be the case.

Where the child is placed during learning time is important and seating them away from windows or doors can help this. 

Pets should be removed from the environment. Parents can break up the teaching sessions into shorter segments so that better focus is achieved. The child should be allowed to move often so that there is a break of state.

Information should be written and then stored where it is easily accessible to the child. Frequent breaks should be the norm and larger projects should be chunked down so that the child can manage the projects better. It is important to keep in mind that they have smaller attention spans than most other children.

Often children with this condition are unable to control their impulses. This will manifest by the child shouting out of turn often. Often this is done in a way that the child appears to be rude or aggressive. Be careful how this is addressed as these children often have a sensitive self-esteem. Chastising the child for this behavior in front of other people is not recommended, as it will only break the child down even further.

Parents should be open in their discussions about the problem with the affected child. The child must be clear on what behavior is acceptable and what is not acceptable and what consequences can be accepted if there is bad behavior. Parents can write all the acceptable and unacceptable behavior and the punishment for any transgressions. This will better help everyone to better cope with ADHD symptoms.

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