Saturday, April 16, 2011

How to Support Your ADD/ADHD Child at School

Young children are not geared to speak up for themselves especially when it comes to talking to teachers. In this instance parents are the go between for the children. Parents need to know what is going on in the lives of their children. For this reason, parents should be ready to listen to their children and the teachers so that all the information is at hand.
These communication sessions should be productive and constructive. Both parents and teachers need to be committed to what is best for the children. Both parties should communicate in a positive fashion and keep up a good attitude.
Good planning is always advised in these matters. Parents have the option to meet with school authorities even before the school year begins. Thereafter there should be monthly meetings in order for the ADD/ADHD school support strategy to be effective. Parents should honor times that have been set down to meet and they should never cancel a meeting if possible.
Ideally try to meet with the teacher in the classroom so that a sense of the learning environment can be experienced. Parents and teachers should establish mutually agreed upon goals with regards to the children. Once the goals have been documented, then a strategy should be put in place so that these goals can be achieved.
Parents should believe that the teacher has the children's hearts at interest. Even though some of the feedback may be uncomfortable, be prepared to listen attentively. Parents should not interrupt the teacher at all.
In order for ADD/ADHD school support strategy to be successful, information should be shared between the two parties. Exchanging information can be very beneficial in giving both parties a complete understanding about the situation and how children behave in the home and school environment. Tactics that both parties use on the children can be used to improve matters for children, parents and teachers alike.

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