Saturday, April 16, 2011

Is Home School Best for ADD/ADHD?

Having a child with ADD/ADHD will no doubt leave parents burned out and frustrated. Receiving calls from teachers with complaints, when the parent is already confused, causes more stress on a child that feels lost in a world of their own. Is home school best for ADD/ADHD?
Parents who have children with ADD/ADHD may be asking themselves the question is home school best for ADD/ADHD? Public schools may be ill equipped in being able to provide the necessary environment to educate a child with this condition. Parents and children will have gone through much pain with all the meetings with the teachers regarding the poor performance of the child. Many people do not realize just how much a family can go through when they have a child with this condition attending a public school. At some point though they will come to the realization that enough is enough.

At this point parents will come to the realization that by home schooling the child they cannot do any worse than is currently the case. While this form of education is not for every family it can be very good for alleviating many serious problems for a child who is suffering from this condition. School systems generally are not geared to educate these kinds of children. This is especially the case when no diagnosis has been made and the teachers are of the opinion that the child is merely playing up in class in order to disrupt the class.

It is interesting to note that some very famous people were educated at home. While the list is exhaustive here are some of the very prominent people who were home schooled George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Helen Keller, Agatha Christie, Leonardo Da Vinci. Parents can rest assured that their child is in good company. The Wright brothers who invented flying were also home schooled. This is great news as this is a small list of some very great people who have made some sizable contributions to mankind.

Parents who educate their children have an unwavering commitment to providing the best education possible for their children. With the resources available today this is more than possible. Connecting with other parents who do this is a must and this is especially in the case where their children have learning disabilities. The Internet provides a quick way to connect with other parents who will gladly share their experiences and may even need some moral support themselves.

Often children with ADD/ADHD are not that perky first thing in the morning as sleep disturbances are commonly observed with them. Going to regular school presents a problem for them, as they will be taught first thing in the morning when they are not at their best. Teaching them at home allows the flexibility to work around the child's situation and personal needs. As these children normally only start coming to life around ten am it would be best to start teaching them after that time.

Most importantly, due to the fact that these children are easily distracted, it is best to teach them at home in a quiet and relaxed environment. Parents are able to give short bursts of focused teaching to their children and this avoids the frustration that more than likely was the case in the classroom. Ask any home schooling parent and you will see that they have no doubt regarding the question whether home school best for ADD/ADHD children.

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