Monday, April 18, 2011

She has her moments...

My Precious Little Angel
Today was a strange day here on the coast.  The weather was the strangest. While our area is known to have only two seasons: Summer and SUMMER, it was cold today. However, seeing how my daughter is getting better everyday, adds a ray of sunshine to my every day.

Today she was a bit tired. That's what happens when I let them stay up late to watch a movie. But I had no choice - it was Spiderman 3 and Dad really worked hard to convince me. Generally, I have learned that you cannot cut her any slack. She has a tendency to turn good things into bad things.

But today the after-effects were limited only to some auditory integration issues and laziness. She did fall asleep during the movie, but she was still tired at school. When they watch a movie late (a rare treat) we let them lie in the next morning - one of the best reasons why homeschooling is perfect for ADHD children.

Today was the best that she'd handled a late night yet. She listened during lessons (in between a bit of fiddling, yawning and stretching - nothing too disruptive) , followed instructions and did her work well.

There was a small incident when the noise in the home got to her, but at least she didn't slam doors.

That's progress!!!

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  1. She did very well at school today and answered questions correctly.