Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tips for Teaching Math and Reading to Your ADD/ADHD Child

Children with ADD/ADHD will have more fun if parents try to incorporate some fun when teaching math and reading. This will keep the child positive and motivated during these sessions. Songs, interesting trivia and using physical motion during the lesson are all strategies that will work well in helping to get the child to comprehend these subjects. The sessions will become fun and may even help in minimizing the symptoms of this condition.
These children tend to be what is referred to as concrete learners. They prefer to take part in the lesson and to hold or touch whatever it is that they are learning about. Games and objects are therefore extremely useful in getting the message of math across to these children. Most importantly it will bring an element of fun into the session. Associating fun with learning is a good strategy to adopt when trying to teach any child.
Dice, memory cards and dominoes can be used effectively for this purpose. Otherwise hiding or tucking fingers and toes away will also do the trick. Parents need to become creative with ways to deliver the message.
In terms of reading, parents can draw pictures to highlight words that are problematic. Pictures can also be used for certain math problems. Children can learn a lot by drawing items that need to be counted.
When dealing with the reading portion of teaching math and reading it is wise to act out the story with the child. Get the child to try and guess what might happen next. This strategy will get the child's imagination going and this can be a very stimulating experience.
Another strategy to adopt with regards to reading is make costumes that relate to the story for the child to wear during the lesson. This helps to bring a sense of reality about for the child. Strategies like this will help the child to retain what he or she has learned.

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