Saturday, April 16, 2011

Why People in Network Marketing Should Home School Their Kids

Network marketing and homeschooling combine well to offer a great vehicle for the family to spend time together. It can form the perfect opportunity to learn and travel together.
Network marketing or multi level marketing (MLM) as it is otherwise known is a great way for people to make some extra money. While many people join these companies just to make an extra five hundred dollars or so per month, many people will eventually gravitate towards this becoming a full-time career.

Certain MLM companies are really committed to the success of their distributors and will offer much training to this end. Some of the training even encompasses personal development and will give many distributors a new perspective on life and with this new perspective comes a different way of thinking.

Some companies have meetings on a weekly basis and some of them have more than one meeting per week. Apart from the training on how to do the business and the sharing of new sales skills, these companies will teach their distributors to want better lifestyles.

Often only one member of a couple will attend these meetings and this can be problematic for various reasons. The person attending the meetings is the only one being exposed to the positivity that emanates from these meetings. During this time, the other spouse remains exposed to the reality of life in terms of paying the bills and surviving each month. It is easy to get dragged down into reality and to lose one’s ability to be positive and visualize change.

As the distributor grows with this training and the remaining spouse is excluded, this can cause a split among the two. For this reason alone it is important that both members of the couple attend the training and both embrace what the other is trying to be achieved.

As the couple progresses through the trainings, they will start to understand the power of residual income and what it can do for them. For those who get it right in MLM there will come a time that they need never work again and the money will continue to pour in month after month. When this happens, the couple will have much time on their hands to do other more fun things than chasing money. While this sounds great, as the couple is able to go on holidays when they like and do a variety of other interesting things, having kids at a conventional school, presents a huge problem. The couple is unable come and go as they like when they have children still at school.

Some companies expect leaders to travel around the country and even abroad to train other distributors to become successful. Under normal circumstances, one of the couple will do this while the other stays at home. Business is important and life must go on. After four to five years of this, there will be a significant shift in the bond between the traveling parent and children and husband and wife.

While the one parent travels and enjoys the good times, the other is at home working to create a stable home for the kids. The parent at home is the hero there, while the other parent is recognized for the way he or she has helped to change people’s lives. When the traveling parent comes home, there is a loud crash to reality as the other partner has not been privy to that amount of excitement or positive energy. Again this highlights just why both husband and wife should be in this thing together.

Apart from the marital strive that is often part of an MLM-family’s fate; the children may suffer if both parents travel. If the children are indeed being home schooled, then this family can travel all they like as the children can go with the parents. While one parent is training and recruiting new distributors in other countries and towns, the other parent can be teaching the child or children. After school and when training has been completed, the family can go out on an educational excursion of that town or country. This surely presents a better option than most of the family staying at home while one parent flits around the world on their own having fun.

Children will also learn from a young age about the power of network marketing and will more than likely follow suit when they are old enough. Network marketing represents an alternative lifestyle and this alternative lifestyle should encompass all aspects of life including education. Parents in who decide to home school are able to teach their children so much more than they would ordinarily learn in a regular school environment. These are just some of the many reasons why people in network marketing should home school their kids.

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