Tuesday, May 3, 2011

ADHD Kids Have Special Needs

I know... this probably goes without saying, but it really has been on my heart for a few days now.

Debbie has been great for most of the last 2-3 weeks, except for the odd temper tantrum like the one she had this morning.

After all the holidays, we returned to school today. Despite falling asleep in front of the television (I know - a big no-no, but it is NOT allowed on school nights) early over the weekend and two easy days, both her and JR were very tired at school today. JR has a bit of a cold, so that could explain his lethargy - but understanding does not take away the frustration.

Our day started off peacefully, which was amazing for a change. When Wade and I got up, the kids were already up, dressed and they had already brushed their teeth and all. Debbie was in a great mood, despite the fact that her seasonal friends had gone and that she won't see them until at least December.

However, attitudes went downhill from our History lesson onwards. Debbie answered some questions, but her mood started deteriorating. When it came to book-time, it was pretty bad. Suddenly she could not remember her times tables and the noises started getting to her.

From tomorrow, we will make formal exercise a daily part of our school day as it boosts oxygen levels and heart rate. It also helps with energy and concentration in the classroom. And tonight will be an EARLY night for all!

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