Thursday, May 5, 2011

I can see now why God made mothers

Those were my Dear Husband's words just now when the kids nearly caused a fire in our bedroom.

After nearly 10 years, my husband finally "got" why I am a nervous wreck all day and too tired to stay awake through a movie at night.

It took a few years for Hubbycakes to realize that when kids are quiet, it usually spells disaster. I am now going to start a fund for a good cause, to get both Wade and Debbie some auditory integration equipment.

See, men don't understand that when you see kids playing with balloons and walking into a bedroom and closing the door already should set off the alarm bells. When you suddenly hear the hair-dryer, you know that a house fire is imminent.

Luckily, I managed to patiently walk the few steps and explain to my daughter in a calm and patient manner that it was dangerous.

Okay - hold your horses. Before you tell me that a 9-year old should know it is dangerous, remember that Debbie has ADHD. That means that 1) she is impulsive and doesn't think before she does and 2) that whatever Mommy has taught her, should be challenged.

Daddy could not stop laughing at my mothers' intuition - when he finally discovered that it is no fallacy. Give the poor guy some grace, he still gets a fright when the doors slam. But we still love him.

Point is that ADHD moms need to develop an even greater sense of intuition, particularly with the Impulsive ones as they can get up to all sorts of no-good.

Luckily the biomedical treatment has helped to improve these issues to a great extent. For some great tips on behavioral treatment, look no further than ADHD Chaos, The Book.


  1. Hi! I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for your comment. I guess I should put those pictures on my actual blog one day! Stop by Molding Minds one day and say hi!

    We have the same type of stories to tell about the girls and Luke's daddy. Bless him. He is a great dad but he just doesnt have that 6th sense the way we mommies do!

    Going to browse around your site some.

  2. You're most welcome! Thanks for stopping by...