Sunday, May 15, 2011

Should I tie my ADHD daughter down?

That's something I really (vaguely) consider in moments of weakness - for her own good of course! :-)

Seriously, the impulsiveness is so bad that the poor child has accidents a hundred times a day. She looks like an extremely neglected child with cuts, bruises, bumps and all her clothes are torn.

She's not your average 9-year-old princess in frills and pink bows. She loves denim shorts and t-shirts, she doesn't brush her hair unless I do it. She runs around like a crazy person, falls off of things, breaks things - it's a miracle she has not broken any bones by age 9.

My husband and I have now established that there is a pattern, which we can interrupt to contain her in the moment - but if it happens when she's outside, we have no control. She would come into the home and start buzzing around like a hungry mosquito on steroids - into every cupboard, drawer, under the furniture, switching things on and of... and with every movement, she would get more grumpy. Unless the pattern is interrupted, the buzzing would end with a slammed bedroom door, and animal-like noises resembling the words "I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU!!!!"

There is no slowing her down if this happens outside, until she comes in with torn clothes as outside she's able to run around until a fall stops her. Needless to say, the poor child has very few decent outfits left and torn jeans is a fashion statement.

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