Thursday, June 16, 2011

ADHD is a neurological disorder and quite "normal"

As parents we sometimes struggle to concede that our children have a neurological disorder

As parents we all have a difficult time acknowledging that there is anything "wrong" with our children. When kids misbehave it is easy to blame excessive sugar intake, peer pressure or any other more harmless reason for the child's behavior. Very few parents will entertain the idea that there could be something pathologically wrong with their child.

Children who have a neurological disorder are not in anyway abnormal - they merely have a condition that needs to be managed effectively.
Children who have autism have a chemical imbalance, very much like insulin dependent children have an endocrinology problem.
As parents we do not treat insulin dependent children as though they are naughty, so we should not treat children who have a neurological disorder any differently.
I don't mean that we should wrap them in cotton wool and blame the condition for every misdemeanor, but merely that we should tread the fine line between behavior caused by the condition and behavior caused by a momentary lapse from better training.

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