Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dietary tips for improving concentration in ADHD kids

Diet in ADHD kids has come under the spotlight recently as links are found with dietary issues and ADHD. Whether or not a child has ADHD, raw foods will improve energy, concentration and good general health. 

As it is, most people are not getting enough adequate nutrition, due to the depletion of our soil due to modern farming practices. Up to 90% of American children are mineral deficient. In my book I have discussed a number of behavioral therapies that are helpful, however, with good nutrition to back it up, those strategies will only be 40% effective.

We can improve our childrens' behaviors, concentration and general wellbeing by understanding their nutritional requirements.

Nutrition is about what we need from our food in order for our bodies to perform its daily functions at optimum levels.  By knowing how to take care of our body through nutrition, we can maintain  high performance levels instead of being unable to because of the low levels.
A Balanced Meal

When eating raw fruits and vegetables, we should try to stay with organic foods due to the amount of pesticides that are usually on the non-organic foods.

When your child eats a meal high in both fats and simple carbohydrates, he or she will become lethargic and develop muddled thinking. Unfortunately, those are the foods kids welcome most. 

Children have about three times as many taste buds as adults. That could explain why they are such fussy eaters.

Carbohydrates may be simple or complex. Simple carbohydrates should be totally eliminated from their diet for kids while complex ones are very beneficial.

Other ways to improve a child’s concentration at school, include providing them with healthy snacks regularly throughout the day, plenty exercise in the fresh air and quality natural supplements, such as Mineralife's products.

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