Thursday, June 9, 2011

Don't feel bad for disciplining ADHD kids

I'm always in two about where the ADHD stops and naughtiness starts.

See, with the biomedical treatment, most of my daughter's symptoms are under control. She is paying SUPER attention at school and she is more helpful around the house, etc. However, we have the occasional auditory integration issue...or is it?

Let me explain.

Debbie loves rock music. The louder, the better. She also loves to run around screaming and giggling and she seems unable to hear me tell her to brush teeth, unless I scream at her. This means that noise can't really be getting to her so badly. I mean - when you listen to some rock songs, there are irritating pitches that should be getting to her as they do to me.

However, I was making milk tart the other night while she was playing on the computer and the boys were reading on my bed. Usually, the sound of typing really gets to her (it is not right now, and she's nearly sitting on my lap). The sound of chewing gets to her too - after she has wolfed down her own food and we are chewing and she wants to leave the table, thinking she can go on the computer (which is not going to happen).

You're probably wondering why I am making a big deal of it. Well, it's not the fact that these sounds bother her, it is the behavior that results from the supposed "auditory integration" issue. She would start rubbing her feet together hard while squirming in her seat with a pained look on her face and whimpering noises. Tell her to stop it and she will jump up, storm to the room and slam the door.

Twice in the last week, she ran to her room and opened the windows (that were closed due to cold weather) and sobbed like a 3-year old (just at 9 year old decibels) so that the neighbors could hear her and feel sorry for her. That resulted in a nice early night for her.

The next day she was a little darling, until evening time when I was busy with the milk tart filling. I was stirring the thick, milky blend gently with a whisk to avoid lumps when the squirming started. (reread previous two paragraphs, as I am too lazy to retype) and that resulted in her going to bed without milk tart. I will not tolerate brat-behavior.

She got a good lecture on what will happen when the neighbors do start feeling sorry for her. That's the fun thing about having childless neighbors, they have no clue what it's like living with kids (never mind an ADHD kid).

So after a week of good corrective conditioning, my daughter is a new person. Her moods are over as quick as they start and she is generally more easy to be around. She has been playing with her brother inside (since it was raining) without freaking out about the typing for 2 days.

I tested the whisk-scraping-on-pot theory last night, while I was making custard to go with her jelly and she did not flinch. While I know that SID can fluctuate, I scraped it so hard that the noise got to me. So with a little corrective conditioning, you can help your ADHD child handle his or her symptoms better.

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