Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Email from an Angel

I just got this email in my inbox. It was from the most beautiful angel alive.

Mommy I wish I could put this in grown up words,
so you would really understand how much you mean to me.
I know I’m just a little girl right now 
and I don’t know all the things you need.I wish I could pick you up and hold you like you do when I’m hurt or feeling sad‘Cause I know sometimes it’s hard for you to punish me, when I’ve been bad.I wish I could give you all the things we need and I wish I could go to work for you so you could stay home and play, and do the things you like to do.Mommy I love you, and I’m so proud too and wish that all the little kids in the world have could a mommy just like youand I want you to know you the best.

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