Thursday, June 9, 2011

A full day of spur-of-the-moment learning

Today was such a great day for us as a family. We did nothing spectacular, but it was awesome...

After breakfast, we gathered around for our daily gratitude session. At this time we all say what we are grateful for and get into a spirit of gratitude which sets the tone for a day of positive events. We were blown away by the things the kids were grateful for.

The conversation migrated onto our daily affirmations:

1) I am self-reliant and responsible   
2) I am enthusiastic and irresistibly optimistic   
3) I am diligent and hardworking   
4) I am enjoying every moment of my life as a journey
towards becoming my best self
5) I am healthy and energetic   
6) I am fun, playful and I love making people laugh   
7) I am persuasive and a person of positive influence   
8) I am decisive and have a clear understanding of
what's important to me
9) I am full of unstoppable confidence and certainty  
10)I am creative, innovative and have a limitless source
of ideas

This is a new thing that we have just started with and we decided to explain the meaning of each affirmation to the kids. We were on the second affirmation when an email came through from a client, wanting a particularly large order. YAY! However, we ha plans for the day and so I had to quickly do the invoice while Dad continued to explain the affirmations. However, Debbie was distracted and started interrupting.

It is amazing how we think that the kids don't listen to what goes on around them, while they know everyone. I was reminded of this fact when Debbie started asking me questions about my clients. She wanted to know when last Belle ordered and Ellen and Kai and Neil and all of the others. Then she started asking how far we are with Tilly's work and how far I am with my new website and when last I did a blog post. And I thought that I had no boss...

The kids wanted to know what the difference was between an invoice and a payment notice and so we went on to discuss tax and other business related issues.

They caught up on some math while I cleaned the house. I was happy to know that they remembered a literacy class from earlier in the week when they excitedly told me that "Sally sells sea shells on the sea shore" is an example of alliteration. After school, we decided to go for a walk on the beach.

We walked all the way to the mall, taking photos and having a blast. The kids were making intelligent conversation, laughing and running wild and acting lovable towards one another. That was special.

I wanted to donate blood, but my Hemoglobin levels were too low, for the 4th time this year. However, my altruistic hubby decided to go too and that resulted in yet another educational opportunity. They wanted to know why we should answer all the questions on the questionnaire. Blood groups were another topic of interest - and of course the cookies and juice!  

At the supermarket and greengrocer we discussed prices per weight and learned how to tell whether something is of value based on the per weight price.

On our way back we stopped at KFC for an ice-cream and I taught the kids not to touch anything in there - accuse me of OCD, but that place creeps me out. The tables are oily and grimy and I just don't like it. Yet 
another lesson in hygiene.

Strolling back we discussed social welfare and the country's economy. 

At dinner, everyone was happy and accomplished as a result of a productive and enjoyable day. Debbie even     asked whether she "may interject" before...interjecting!

All in a day's work for a homeschooling family.

I am going to bed a happy mommy...

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