Monday, June 20, 2011

Is my child really tired or just lazy?

My children seem to have an endless supply of energy - it would seem to be enough for all the people in my suburb! (Except for my wife and I, that is...)

At night time after a particularly active day, they are likely to fall asleep early and wake up the next day refreshed and rearing to go. Kids should generally be full of energy, unless they are sick or have a physical or psychological condition.

If your child often becomes unduly fatigued for no apparent reason, you should read this as a warning sign that something might be wrong. Many reasons can cause fatigue in kids, but it is important to rule out any serious problems.

Kids with ADHD often need less sleep. Tweens can usually get by on 9 hours a night.

Just as stress can keep adults awake, kids may experience sleep induced anxiety. A calming bed time routine can help ease this anxiety.

A range of other sleep disorders exist and it is best to have it diagnosed properly by a qualified physician. Treatments are often natural and drugs will usually be avoided in most cases.

If you are aware that your child is stressed due to exams or other issues, it may be an idea to buy a liquid magnesium supplement. A magnesium oil massage will do wonders to getting a weary child to sleep after a physically and mentally exhausting day.

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