Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tired, stressed, overweight, headachy - Get some FREE tools here to help you cope better.

As mothers, we tend to always look out for our kids and our husbands and neglect ourselves. This stress manifests in a number of ways, both physical and psychological. When we are tired, stress, experience digestive and other problems, we are less able to look after those we love.

Have you been feeling that way? Then it is time to start looking after number one.

Keeping your blood sugar levels under control is probably the most important factor in maintaining even energy levels, controlling and preventing diabetes, as well as successful weight loss and weight control. 

The active ingredient in Manna is called Galactomannan, a combination of 2 essential saccharides (Galactose and Mannose), which gels with the food in the stomach, slowing down the uptake of glucose from the food by up to 43%. 

It is a well known fact that low GI foods cause the body to require less insulin. Because Manna reduces the GI of the food you eat by up to 43%, the products has huge advantages for Diabetics, Pre-Diabetics, Slimmers, Sportsmen, Hyperactive Children and women with PCOS. 

Manna tablets are taken with food and the Low GI Manna Shake is the first organic and natural meal replacement shake on the market. The products are scientifically tested and endorsed by the Glycemic Index Foundation of South Africa. For FREE Menu Plans, FREE Recipes as well as advice to steer away from insulin related ailments such as type-2 diabetes, insulin resistance, PCOS and obesity, click here.

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