Friday, July 8, 2011

Preserving Your Brain Function

While this is more aimed at adult ADHDers, the tips will certainly prove helpful when practiced around kids too. Written by Wade.

Most of us want to have better brain functioning and yet so many of us are quick to abuse our brains by smoking or drinking. Whether we believe it or not, these substances certainly have an adverse effect on our minds and IQs.

While many people will relay that they get a rush when they smoke, the reality is that over time, smoking kills brain cells. Studies have revealed that both smoking and alcohol have dire effects on IQs. It was further discovered that long-term smoking certainly reduces brain power in humans. People who combine these two habits to the point of abuse, show that their brain cells deteriorate even more rapidly and that functions such as IQ, memory and the ability to problem-solve, is severely hampered.

Smoking is responsible for the reduction of mental functioning in subjects researched. While tobacco and alcohol are dangerous for mental health there are apparently other substances that we might not always be aware of that affect our cognitive abilities. Some of these include artificial sweeteners and certain food colorants. 

This applies especially in cases where large quantities of these substances are consumed. Children are often the recipients of food colorants and flavorings and parents should therefore try to limit this for their children. Hydrogenated oils, sodas and white bread should be restricted as they contain these substances.

Hydrogenated oils clog the arteries and this leads to heart disease; they also slow the process of oxygen being transported to the brain. Sweeteners cause sugar levels to rise and fall and this can cause fuzziness in the brain and even diabetes. This applies to sugar as well, and therefore both substances should be avoided. 

Thankfully, the damaging effects on the brain can be reversed by stopping these habits. In today's times, with competition being so tough, it is important that we look after our brains and more importantly that we send the right message to our kids so that they have the best possible shot at their lives as adults.

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