Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Recognizing Asperger's in Young Children

Identifying  Asperger's Symptoms in Children - by Wade Balsdon

Parents are able to identify Aperger's by noticing certain Asperger's symptoms in children. It can be somewhat tricky though as two children may display different signs of the condition. The best way to describe this condition is by thinking of it as autism for clever children.

There are a number of tell-tale signs of Asperger's symptoms in children

Many children with Asperger's have retarded motor development. These children will take longer than other children  to learn to catch or kick a ball and ride a bicycle. Similarly, they will take longer to eat with a spoon or a fork. They love to talk about certain subjects, and many of the conversations are one way. They also become preoccupied with specified topics and pay attention to specific detail regarding the specific topic.

Asperger's symptoms in children are obvious by the way that they speak

Children with Asperger's use different words in their vocabulary than other children do. Instead of "calling" someone, they  "beckon" a person. And while other people "come back", Asperger's children will "return." They are not big on making eye contact and their speech is often somewhat flat lacking pitch, accent and tone. These kids do not grasp jokes as easily as other kids do, and they are not the world's best joke tellers themselves.

Lack of empathy and poor social cues are two other Asperger's symptoms in children

These kids are not the most empathetic little tykes whom you will encounter. They do not know how to read body language and will often interrupt other children who are speaking. Maintaining conversation is a struggle for them as is starting a conversation for these children. They are really stuck in their ways and resist change like the plague.

Do not confuse Asperger's Symptoms in Children

While it might appear that these children are slower than other children, nothing could be further from the truth. These children are intelligent and just need to be dealt with in a different way. They need and deserve love like other children do. Find out all that you can about the condition and yours and your child’s lives will be wholesome and complete.

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