Monday, November 14, 2011

ADHD Kids in Public or Private School

It appears that children with ADHD have quite a rough time if they are educated at school. 

Many of these children are put on harmful drugs, shoved into a school and expected to make it happen. Sadly, the characteristics of ADHD hinder many of these children in their attempts to become educated. Children with ADHD need special attention and do not need drugs that cause all sorts of problems for them.

Children with ADHD like to work at their own pace and this is problematic in a classroom full of children who do not have ADHD. 

It can be quite frustrating for the children, and it will most often affect the quality of their work. Many children with ADHD suffer with a condition known as Auditory integration Syndrome. This is when noises irritates the children to the point where they  are unable to be in the same room where the noise is. Even typing on a computer keyboard can drive these children nuts. With these types of challenges, it is no wonder that many of these children struggle at school and need to be heavily medicated.

Many parents are realizing that a different approach is required if their children are to succeed at school and go onto to live healthy and productive adult lives. 

The best way to do this is to remove the children from school and take them off of the drugs. Research was done a group of ADHD children, and it was found that most of the children who were removed from school and taken off medication improved significantly.

Some parents have reported that their children have been pulled out of class because of their disruptive behavior. 

The behavior is due to the medication. Parents do not know how to deal with this and some parents eventually end up taking anti-depressants themselves simply to deal with this problem. It is at this stage that parents realize that they need to take some drastic action.

The best thing to do is pull the children out of school and start homeschooling them. This way, the children will get the attention that they need. The children will have less distractions and therefore achieve higher grades.

In terms of medication, there is irrefutable proof that this medication is harmful to the children. 

Many teenagers have reported hallucinations while on the treatment. The frightening thing is that they are only able to articulate this once they have come off the treatment.

It is important to realize that ADHD children will need something to help them focus and to keep them relaxed. Thankfully, there are products such as calm down naturally to help ADHD children to cope at school and play more efficiently. This product is natural and safe for everyone and really delivers results. If you love your children, then make a plan to get them out of school and onto a natural alternative.

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