Monday, May 23, 2011

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Should I tie my ADHD daughter down?

That's something I really (vaguely) consider in moments of weakness - for her own good of course! :-)

Seriously, the impulsiveness is so bad that the poor child has accidents a hundred times a day. She looks like an extremely neglected child with cuts, bruises, bumps and all her clothes are torn.

She's not your average 9-year-old princess in frills and pink bows. She loves denim shorts and t-shirts, she doesn't brush her hair unless I do it. She runs around like a crazy person, falls off of things, breaks things - it's a miracle she has not broken any bones by age 9.

My husband and I have now established that there is a pattern, which we can interrupt to contain her in the moment - but if it happens when she's outside, we have no control. She would come into the home and start buzzing around like a hungry mosquito on steroids - into every cupboard, drawer, under the furniture, switching things on and of... and with every movement, she would get more grumpy. Unless the pattern is interrupted, the buzzing would end with a slammed bedroom door, and animal-like noises resembling the words "I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU!!!!"

There is no slowing her down if this happens outside, until she comes in with torn clothes as outside she's able to run around until a fall stops her. Needless to say, the poor child has very few decent outfits left and torn jeans is a fashion statement.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I can see now why God made mothers

Those were my Dear Husband's words just now when the kids nearly caused a fire in our bedroom.

After nearly 10 years, my husband finally "got" why I am a nervous wreck all day and too tired to stay awake through a movie at night.

It took a few years for Hubbycakes to realize that when kids are quiet, it usually spells disaster. I am now going to start a fund for a good cause, to get both Wade and Debbie some auditory integration equipment.

See, men don't understand that when you see kids playing with balloons and walking into a bedroom and closing the door already should set off the alarm bells. When you suddenly hear the hair-dryer, you know that a house fire is imminent.

Luckily, I managed to patiently walk the few steps and explain to my daughter in a calm and patient manner that it was dangerous.

Okay - hold your horses. Before you tell me that a 9-year old should know it is dangerous, remember that Debbie has ADHD. That means that 1) she is impulsive and doesn't think before she does and 2) that whatever Mommy has taught her, should be challenged.

Daddy could not stop laughing at my mothers' intuition - when he finally discovered that it is no fallacy. Give the poor guy some grace, he still gets a fright when the doors slam. But we still love him.

Point is that ADHD moms need to develop an even greater sense of intuition, particularly with the Impulsive ones as they can get up to all sorts of no-good.

Luckily the biomedical treatment has helped to improve these issues to a great extent. For some great tips on behavioral treatment, look no further than ADHD Chaos, The Book.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Does your little nerd have Asperger's Syndrome?

As with ADHD, the diagnosis of children with Asperger's Syndrome has increased over the last number of years. Sometimes refered to as "little professors", these children are often highly intelligent and verbal, but they can be obsessive and have poor social skills.

These children are often hypersensitive to certain types of sensory stimuli and they can feel socially isolated as a result of their difficulty to interact. It has been said that these kids can't read social cues, but this is not really the case. They read the cues perfectly, they just don't respond to them appropriately.

Aspergers kids often have advanced vocabularies and are interested in things that are advanced for their age. They are able to memorize facts and tell everyone who will listen about it.

The symptoms, diagnosis and treatment approach in children with high functioning Aspergers is much different to that of children that are approaching classical autism.  The main problem high functioning Asperger's experience, is their lack of social skill and interactions with peers.

My little boy, JR is a loner. He loves playing all alone with his cars or army guys for hours on end. However, he will often let his sister call him away to come play with friends. After about an hour or two, he will come back into the house to play with his toys, because he is "tired" or because the other kids are "mean".  The story will then come out that he responded in a way that offended the other kids and that led them to be mean to him.

He has some off-the-wall ideas and nerdish, clumsy social skills. Don't get me wrong - he is a lovable little boy with great manners, but he will say things that are not appropriate to the discussion or tell the same joke over and over to the same audience until they are irritated and voice it. He will not understand their reaction, as he thinks it's the funniest joke ever and he will crave the initial reaction.

Sadly, when people give their negative feedback, the child will manifest more of the strange behavior, leading to more of a negative reaction, and so the vicious cycle continues.

The child will feel sad and depressed and withdraw socially.

Experts advise using social stories to help kids with this condition to improve their social skills. More on that later.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

ADHD Kids Have Special Needs

I know... this probably goes without saying, but it really has been on my heart for a few days now.

Debbie has been great for most of the last 2-3 weeks, except for the odd temper tantrum like the one she had this morning.

After all the holidays, we returned to school today. Despite falling asleep in front of the television (I know - a big no-no, but it is NOT allowed on school nights) early over the weekend and two easy days, both her and JR were very tired at school today. JR has a bit of a cold, so that could explain his lethargy - but understanding does not take away the frustration.

Our day started off peacefully, which was amazing for a change. When Wade and I got up, the kids were already up, dressed and they had already brushed their teeth and all. Debbie was in a great mood, despite the fact that her seasonal friends had gone and that she won't see them until at least December.

However, attitudes went downhill from our History lesson onwards. Debbie answered some questions, but her mood started deteriorating. When it came to book-time, it was pretty bad. Suddenly she could not remember her times tables and the noises started getting to her.

From tomorrow, we will make formal exercise a daily part of our school day as it boosts oxygen levels and heart rate. It also helps with energy and concentration in the classroom. And tonight will be an EARLY night for all!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Gluten Free Fried Chicken Recipe | Dianasaur Dishes

Gluten Free (GF) forms a great part of bio-medical treatment for ADHD. Here is an excellent recipe idea for delicious fried chicken which will not have your ADHDer climbing the walls.

Gluten Free Fried Chicken Recipe | Dianasaur Dishes

Medically ignorant school officials traumatize young boy

Another reason why I prefer to homeschool my daughter...

Medically ignorant school officials traumatize young boy